Son of Gold

Son of Gold
I can hardly face the day
Life and love made a way
The pain I feel in my heart
Chapter two a brand new start
It all began on my knees
Dear Lord give me a son please
I will promise to give him to you
Oh and give him eyes of blue
I pleaded there on the floor
Give me a son, give me more
You heard my prayer in that hour
I felt your grace and your power
It was in the quiet, in my arms to hold
A heaven sent son, heavens true gold
I read your word to the spirit of this child
On your throne you looked and you smiled
Now is the time I need to reflect
I give him to you, his life you’ll perfect
In your hands my son you’ll preserve
Let his motive find you, only to serve
Keep him on your path, come what may
When his tassel is turned, I can pray
The gold you sent from heaven will shine
Your face as a reflection, he is not mine
Help me through this day Lord
This song of a different chord
Oh I rock him to Jesus, in that chair I hold
Oh my sweet son, heavens precious gold
Melodie G Vanalstyne

King of Love

The King of Love

What is this wall I see?
Did you build it to hide from me?
Nothing will keep me from you
Not even the bad things you do
Open the door and let me in
I am the one who died for your sin
Did you think I would just let you die?
I’ve heard the sound of your spirit’s cry
Now I am getting closer and I am getting near
Open your ears so you can hear
The sound of my footsteps echo as they walk
I am coming to you to have more than a talk
Now I am closer and have began to run
My righteousness is brighter than the sun
Now that I am here don’t bow at my feet
Lay your head on my chest and hear my heartbeat
My arms are around you the warmth of embrace
Let me wipe those tears away from your face
Did you think those walls would keep me away?
I am here my child I am forever to stay
Now that you have opened the door of your heart
My river is flowing with gifts to impart
Oh my Love the height width and the length
Love and wisdom peace joy and strength
Now when you think that you can’t draw near
The King is waiting he is already here

Melodie G. VanAlstyne